The Calm Before the Storm

OTAs, and our introduction to the interesting, but strange new tactics of Chip Kelly, are over. Now we wait, painfully, for training camp.  Thankfully, through the OTA period, there were no Jason Peters-like injuries or disasters.  The closest thing was Cary Williams’ skipping of workouts to attend recitals and pick out sconces (I’ll address that a little later)… From all of the news that has come out of OTAs, here are some of my quick-hit reactions:

1) Chip and DeSean

I am glad Chip is holding DeSean to task and, even more, I am happy that DeSean seemingly got the message.  Unfortunately, we won’t know how much this REALLY worked, or didn’t, until training camp or later, and that could be a huge key to this season.  Chip Kelly with DeSean fully bought-in to the system and the coaches’ practices could be huge.  Personally, I hope DeSean buys-in and leaves all his concerns about Jay-Z, rappers, and whatever else on hold because, otherwise, he is doing this franchise AND himself a huge disservice.  I am afraid he doesn’t realize the amount of questions that are out there about him, and he needs to fast.  This could be one of the biggest storylines of training camp and the season.

2) Cary Williams

I will keep this short, as it should be… Much has been argued in the last few days about Williams and his absence from voluntary OTAs, including his reasons for missing.  I will personally reserve judgement until we see him on the field in this defense, but I do have to say that he is doing little besides making himself look bad (and kind of like a dumbass…had to say it).  A lot of stock, possibly too much, is put on Williams to be a key contributor this year in the secondary and logic would say that he SHOULD be more concerned with learning the new defense, assimilating to his new team, and so on.  Like I said, I will reserve judgement until later, but this is a bit of a strange start to say the least.

3) Vick

We’ll see how it translates later, but all of the reactions so far from writers/national reporters/etc. paint a pretty picture of Vick.  I am torn on this because I keep swaying between a “we heard this kind of stuff last year” position and position of buying what they are saying.  The big difference between last year’s Vick hype and now is that last year’s came from the team.  They said “Vick is working so hard, he is buried in the tape, etc.” and basically said we as fans had to trust them that it was true.  We all know how that went.  Now, though, these great reviews, which sometimes seem a little over-the-top, are coming from people who are in a more unbiased position.  That will be an interesting thing to watch through training camp as well.

4- Training Camp in Philly and Joint-practices with New England

I like it.  I am all for change this year and this just further emphasizes that.  Anyone who thinks this is a bad idea, including the nut radio caller who was petrified of spygate invading training camp, should sit down and relax.  This can’t be anything BUT a good thing, in my opinion.  Kelly wants to run a high-speed, high efficiency offense, so why not hold joint workouts with arguably the best one of those in the NFL?  Why not challenge a perennial contender?  Would you rather see them work with the Browns?  I think, if people actually stop to think about it, the majority will agree with me… But maybe not.  Either way, we are in the calm before the storm now and let’s hope that Dom Brown continues to make this in-between period tolerable before Chipadelphia takes over.


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